The first "Social" Content Management Application

I have been wondering who would be the first to the start line when it comes to ECM and Social Networking.

Looks like it is Alfresco. The CMS Wire write up is here. The article suggests this is really just a showcase for their REST APIs. But at the same time I think John is hinting at longer term plans. And I’m also interested in the implications therein of hosted Content Management.

It is definitely true that the Enterprise 2.0 software must cater for my daughter’s generation. She is a next generation knowledge worker. She is a web-native, bebo inhabitant. Her usage patterns are vastly removed from mine. She thinks and speaks “web”. I don’t.

Whilst it is a stretch for me to believe Facebook is the eventual right social networking platform I commend Alfresco for taking these early steps. I am sure the experiment will highlight a number of key issues (probably the same ones James McGovern oft refers to). And in doing so help the ECM space move forwards.

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