The Great WebDAV Revival?

I’ve always been a WebDAV fan.   I think it ticks a lot of boxes.  But it does have its drawbacks and one of those has always been that clients inevitably represent ‘collections’ as simple folders. 

If you are looking for a ready-made client to your content management system but you content management system has types of collections other that folders; calendars, rooms, spaces, virtual documents, discussions, categories, taxonomies.  This can be a real showstopper.  However, at the end of the day what choice do these clients have today? 

None.  Until now.  I don’t have to much on it yet and to a certain extent I am reading between the lines here but I do think this is great news and could potentially kick the somewhat ailing standard right back onto the playing field.  Its just unfortunate there will be the inevitably time-lag between being accepted by its committee and it being adopted by the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, etc.

If you do want more information on WebDAV take a look here.

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