Documentum Composer: Smart Containers

My colleague David Louie, the Composer product manager, posted a nice demo on the EDN site demonstrating how to build and use a smart container.

One way toconsider a smart container is as a composite application object model.   These can be defined in Composer.  WDK Webtop includes some generic runtime support and together these can be used for rapid prototyping.

From this demo you can hopefully extrapolate either WDK Webtop customizations adding specific runtime support for the Police Case Folders (i.e. File->New-> Police Case Folder, etc) or even a purpose built rich client bound to DFS web services, generated from the smart container model!

Anyway, here is the EDN page.  I recommend you take a look.  The demo is the .exe link at the bottom of the page.

Hat tip to Dave for producing this.

Happy Composing!


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