Troubleshooting BOF Development Mode

One of my readers had some trouble getting his local BOF development working. 

No matter what he did he always got NoClassDefFoundError when DFC attempted to load his service class locally.

Turns out that his issue was an eclipse issue.  He had specified something like this as a vm-arg in his junit launch config:-


And for some reason eclipse was not resolving the variable “${project_loc}” properly.

After he re-specified this setting with a fully-qualified path, everything worked as expected.

A good tip is that DFC will report, during start-up, some basic status about BOF development mode, as far as it is concerned. 

Look out for:-

“Error during initialization of BOF Development mode”

if something catastrophic happens, Or:-

“BOF Development Mode: can not find registry file {0}”

if DFC cant find the local registry file that it thinks it is looking for.  This was my readers issue.  Or (hopefully):-

“******* BOF Development Mode is enabled *******”

if DFC is able to load the registry file.

I thought I would put this out in case anyone else ran into same the problem.  And of course if anyone knows why eclipse is failing to resolve the variable then we’d all love to know that too.

Happy Composing.