Migrating your projects between versions of Documentum Composer

As we release new versions of Documentum Composer you need to migrate your projects to this new version.  But how do you do this?

It’s pretty simple actually.  First-time you start the new version of Composer create yourself a new workspace.  Then re-import your projects into that new workspace using the Documentum-specific projects import wizard; File->Import->Documentum->Existing Projects Into Workspace:-


Any model changes that need to be applied to your artifacts will occur during this import.

The astute will realize that this is an irrevocable operation so your team will all need to use the same version of Composer.

Happy Composing!


One thought on “Migrating your projects between versions of Documentum Composer

  1. ..I am relatively new to Documentum and I was wondering what the best practices were for working with maintaining Documentum Artifacts via Composer. Specifically when one needs to make a change should they ..A. Maintain a version of the Artifacts folder in SVN and use that in their Composer project…B. Import the Artifacts directly from the Documentum repository to the Composer project and begin from there.

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