Developing BOF Applications with Documentum Composer

One of my colleagues, Robert Ly, has posted a BOF tutorial to the EMC Community Network that consolidates a lot of information pushed out separately by myself and Don Robertson, providing a nice overview of BOF development with a good level of contextual information.

Here is the link:-

Happy Composing!

4 thoughts on “Developing BOF Applications with Documentum Composer

  1. Can you please post a tutorial on migrating a WCM system from one environment to the other using documentum composer without breaking any relation(6.5 SP1)

    • I should point out here that Composer is not a migration or replication tool. Your WCM system should be managed as a set of one or more Documentum projects, placed under version control. When you want to install the WCM system into a new Docbase, you install the current set of Dars, built from the projects.

      If you do not have a set of WCM projects then you can import them from a representative Docbase and in effect achieve a migration but importantly source control is the system of record and to state again, Composer is not a migration tool.

      My guess is you have done something like this so let’s turn to the question at hand. What do you mean by relations breaking? Can you expand and I may be able to help further.

  2. Hi, My name is eve. am from Thailand.
    And now i work about documentum 5.3 and 6.5
    I’am new in documentum and i wnat to know more knowleage about it. And i want to make new friend same job. Now i do workflow, webtop, desktop,LC and etc.

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